GE Loop Calibrator

The GE Druck UPS III loop calibrator is rugged and extremely compact. Weighing just 275g, the HART® compatible GE Druck UPS III loop calibrator measures only 77 x 129mm. The GE Druck UPS III loop calibrator's small size, easy-to-read display, and simple-to-use time saving features make it an essential tool for loop calibration and troubleshooting, instrument maintenance, and valve set-up. The measure / source range for the GE Druck UPS III loop calibrator is 0 to 24mA. In addition, 0 to 60Vdc can be measured for loop diagnostics and voltage output instrument maintenance. The accuracy of the GE Druck UPS III loop calibrator is 0.01% of reading, which is 20 times better than a typical DMM, and includes 12 month stability and temperature effects. Coupled with 0.001mA display resolution, the GE Druck UPS III loop calibrator provides optimum measurement certainty for even the most demanding applications.

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GE Druck Smart Loop Calibrator for Milliamps

The UPS II Loop Calibrator is an advanced handheld process calibrator tools. It can power ( 24 VDC ) and read 2-wire transmitter to perform field calibrations. Output currens are adjustable to a resolution of 10 microamps in both source and transmitter simulation.

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GE Druck PV 212

PV212 - Hydraulic Hand Pump The PV 212 hydraulic hand pump is lightweight, easy to use and generates pressure up to 1000 bar. It is an ideal tool for calibrating pressure transmitters, pressure transducers, pressure switches and pressure gauges. The PV 212 can be used as a portable pressure comparator in conjunction with various pressure indicating devices. It offers adjustable overpressure protection, fine control and a unique priming/high pressure selector switch.

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GE Druck PV 211

PV211 - Pneumatic Pressure and Vacuum Pump The PV 211 Pneumatic Hand Pump is a lightweight, high quality combined pressure and vacuum hand pump. It has been designed to provide maximum pneumatic pressures efficiently and effortlessly. The PV 211 can be used as a portable Pressure Comparator in conjunction with various pressure indicating devices. This precision unit includes an adjustable over pressure protection system as standard.

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GE Druck PDI 620

The DPI 620 Series an ultra-compact electrical, temperature and frequency calibrator and HART communicator, which provides simultaneous measurement and source capabilities with a fully featured HART digital interface. It integrates with pressure modules and pressure generation stations to form uniquely capable pressure test and calibration systems. The Intrinsically Safe version of the DPI 620 Series is now available allowing configuration and multi-function calibration in hazardous areas. The ATEX and IECEx certification allows the instrument to be employed globally in Zone 0 areas. The certification also applies to the instrument’s battery pack, permitting hot swapping within hazardous locations. The approval now further extends the range of potential applications of the powerful communicator/calibrator, especially in the oil and gas and process sectors. As with all instruments in the DPI 620 family, the IS version is rugged and compact and weather-proofed to IP65.

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GE Druck PDI 104

DPI 104 - Digital Test Gauge The DPI 104 is a microprocessor-controlled digital pressure gauge that combines precision and functionality in a compact, robust and simple-to-use package. The DPI 104 matches advanced silicon sensor technology with several convenient design features resulting in an accurate, versatile yet affordable digital test gauge. Supplied as a standalone process indicator or in a kit with the widely proven hand pumps, the DPI 104 provides a reliable and economic solution for a wide range of pressure sensing applications.

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