Pressure transmitters, transducers and sensors are often used interchangeably throughout our industry by colleagues and customers. In order to provide clarification, WIKA has defined what it considers to be the Characteristics of Pressure Sensors, Pressure Transducers and Pressure Transmitters.

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WIKA S - 11

The S - 11 transmitter features a flush diaphragm process connection. The S - 11 is specifically designed for the measurement of viscous fluides or media containing solids that may clog a NPT process connection. Flush diaphragm pressure transmitters are available in pressure ranges from 50 in WC to 8.000 psi. For high temperature media , an integral cooling element is available on the S - 11. This option increases the maximum media temperature to 300 deg.F.

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WIKA A - 10

The WIKA A-10 can be used for a multitude of functions across many difference applicaations. Exceptionally simple installation,set-up and operation with an excellent price/performance ratio set this highly-reliable product apart.

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