WIKA 332.34

The type 332.34 is an industrial type gauge suitable for corrosive environments where the fluid medium will not clog the connection or corrode 316 SS material.Solid front,blow-out back case design meets safety requirements of ASME B40.100.

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Aschcroft 1082

Temperature-compensated movement that significantly reduces temperature error MicroSpan™ adjustment for ease in span calibration Hydraulically staked movement with Teflon-coated gears and bearings improves stability Externally adjustable dial on standard model White aluminum dial, black numbers with polished mirror band High and low pressure movement stops are standard The standard Ashcroft® test gauge case style features a solid-front aluminum case with a hinged ring. The dial has a polished mirror band for pointer reflection to prevent parallax error and is available in 4.5", 6" and 8.5" dial sizes in both lower and back connection. Pointer is a balanced-friction adjustable design with red knife edge tip for easy reading

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